How Very Pinteresting?!?

So... I am in LOVE with Pinterest... it's like a visual feast of ideas and creativity.  But lately I've been wondering about the ethical aspects of pinning and repinning people's ideas / photos / blog posts / recipes etc.  There's a lot of chat going on right now about Pinterest and copyright... and the conversations are important and necessary, as always when dealing with issues of this nature on the internet.  Read this great post from Laura Candler's Corkboard Connections for some ideas about how to be ethical while using Pinterest.  I know that the article has changed how I look at Pinterest and how I will be using it in the future!

Permission to Pin!
However, I see the value in pinning and the value in sharing ideas and inspirations on Pinterest so I'm giving you all Permission to Pin from this blog or from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  And if you're interested... check out my Pinterest Boards

Have Fun & Happy Pinning!


  1. This whole issue has me really wondering! I am not yet willing to give up my boards, but it is a bit troubling... It'll be interesting to see what plays out!

    1. I agree Hojo... I'm not willing to give it up either.... yet.